Countries in which we have developed projects
Economic and financial analysis of significant projects
Millions in awarded public tender concessions
Millions in managed maritime-port works

Our experience

Our team of qualified professionals’ career includes international experience with regard to both the design and the implementation of large construction projects, as well as to the planning and financing of infrastructures and their subsequent management.

This wide experience allows us to have a global vision and to provide tailored solutions to our clients.


Financial consulting

  • Financial modeling of concessions with more than €60,000 million total turnover
  • Asset valuation with more than €1,600 million project value

Corporate development

  • M&A operations consulting services for a total valuation amount of more than €1,000 million.
  • ­Management and development of investment opportunities in concessions with more than €300 million turnover.

Project management

  • Feasibility studies and investment justification for an amount higher than €350 million
  • Winners of 3 public tender concessions participating as consortium partners and 6 as advisors to external clientes
  • Project management and supervision of infrastructure construction tasks for a total investment of more than €200 million

Consulting services to investors

  • ­Experience in representing clients in boards of directors’ meetings of construction companies and concessionaires.
  • Collaboration with companies and associations of the nautical sports sector
  • Participation in management committees of concessionary vehicles

Our clients

We believe that the only evidence of a job well done is a satisfied client. This can only be achieved by clearly understanding their needs, providing excellent work, having long-term vision and being generous in our efforts to keep their trust.

Our reputation is our best letter of introduction and the best guarantee for our clients.


 Public bodies

  • ­Governments
  • National, regional and local administrations
  • Public companies
  • Multilateral banks
  • Institutional investors
  • Consortiums

Private companies

  • ­Financial entities
  • National, regional and local administrations
  • Investors / Family Office
  • Construction companies and concessionaires
  • General consultancy firms
  • Independent entrepreneurs

Our projects worldwide